What is Cashmere?

Cashmere, the hero of all fibers, is so light, soft, warm, and comfortable, incomparable with any other fiber. It is a thin layer of fleece that grows on the outer skin of goats to protect them from harsh winter and keep them warm. It starts falling off as the weather conditions change and summer approaches. This fine layer of skin is made of thin fibers and is used in
textiles to make winter apparel.

The strands are so thin that they require combing the fiber from about goats to make one piece of clothing. The process is tedious and time-consuming, adding to its final price. But combined with classic handcrafted designs, cashmere apparel is true elegance with the highest quality, making it the perfect wardrobe investment.

Here are some specifications of the cashmere we use:

100% Cashmere Yarn for Knitting and Felting

Count: 1/28NM & 2/2NM

Fiber Length: 38mm

Micron: 15.8um

Where does cashmere come from?

Cashmere is processed differently to preserve its original properties and become the cashmere we love wearing. It is obtained from Mongolian goats that form a thin layer outside their skin to protect themselves from cold and harsh winter conditions.

The goats do not need this additional layer to protect themselves when the weather gets warmer and start shedding it off. The cashmere is removed from the goats safely and ethically by the combing method ensuring the raw fiber is intact in its properties. Although laborious and time-consuming, it helps preserve its natural properties and does not compromise the quality of the cashmere we wear. For these reasons, they are made in limited quantities, making them exclusive.

Zita’s promise to you is to use cashmere that comes from the most sustainable sources and is obtained ethically.

What are the different types of cashmere?

Although there are 3 different grades of cashmere, the thinner the fiber, the better the build of the fabric, ensuring the highest quality of cashmere pieces.

Grade A

The highest quality with about 14 microns width per hair.

Grade B

The medium quality with about 18-19 microns width per hair.

Grade C

The lowest quality with about 30 microns width per hair.

And how do you tell them apart?

Believe in what you feel!

Pure cashmere feels gentle and soft like a cloud.

The highest quality pure cashmere stretches and returns to its natural shape no matter how many times you wear it.

The highest quality pure cashmere pieces will never shed or pill.