Handcrafting Luxury, one knit at a time!

Our luxury cashmere is skillfully handcrafted in Nepal, and our wide range of scarves and beanies is designed in Italy. Our pure cashmere products are supremely blended with nothing but love and commitment. Our Italian designers use a unique combination of ancient and classical knowledge, artistic sensibility, and unmatched talents. We design and handcraft our cashmere pieces with utmost care utilizing generations-old weaving methods. The weaver uses a manual loom to craft our elegant selection of cashmere scarves and beanies.

Zita artisans use two different types of handcrafting techniques:

  • Knitting

    Knit cashmere is naturally soft and stretchier. Knit cashmere apparel is made by a series of connected loops with one continuous piece of thread. The fragile strands of cashmere are knit using tiny needles.

  • Weaving

    Woven cashmere is much stronger and less stretchy. Woven cashmere is made by interlacing two sets of cashmere wool vertically and horizontally, making perpendicular patterns on a weaving loom.