We take pride in offering you the absolute highest quality cashmere that is carefully handcrafted and taken care of with love so that you can enjoy your purchase for a long time. However, you can further extend the life of your Zitamere purchase with a bit of love and care, and it's simpler than you would think.

Our fiber specialists have compiled their best tips for Cashmere care to make cleaning your luxury knitwear as simple as possible. Please follow the care instructions on the label inside the garment before washing any Zitamere products.

Care Instructions for Knit Cashmere

  • Combing: Small balls of fiber, also called pills, should be thoroughly combed off the surface.
  • Handwashing Gently: Use Cashmere Shampoo with lukewarm water to hand wash the item gently.
  • Reshape: When your item is completely dry, smooth it back into form and lay it flat on a towel. Let it air dry. Avoid direct heat.
  • Storage: Cedar Wood Balls are a pure deterrent to insects and moths that can harm your cashmere. Store your cashmere clothing with the balls tucked in it.

Care Instructions for Woven Cashmere

  • Dry Cleaning: Dry clean cashmere products to help preserve their color, form and size
  • Shake & Hug: Dust can be removed by gently shaking woven cashmere pieces. Hang them where the air circulates naturally
  • Air Dry: Air-dry woven cashmere products, either outside or in a well-ventilated place. Lay it flat if it gets excessively wet to prevent it from losing its form.
  • Spot-Clean: Lightly dab with a damp towel to remove minor stains. If the stain is greasy, gently dap apply cashmere shampoo after lightly misting the stained area with water.