• Our Story

    When we were first introduced to pure cashmere in Nepal, we were in awe of Mother Nature! How beautifully nature wraps its arms around us if we allow it to! We quickly learned more about the Mongolian goats and how they grow a fine layer of cashmere to protect themselves from the harsh winters. And most importantly, we learned about the goat’s self-shedding of this layer in summer from which pure cashmere is obtained.

    The more we learned, the more precise the idea became! We wanted to bring the authentic and pure form of cashmere to this part of the world. We wanted to share the experience of wearing pure luxury blessed by nature! We worked with the top Italian designers to design stylish cashmere apparel and got them handcrafted in Nepal.
    With careful details and fine knitting, we started manufacturing elegant cashmere scarves and beanies.

    We’re beyond excited to bring the world’s softest and purest cashmere scarves and beanies to our customers.

Manufacturing Excellence

Designed by the best:

We bring fresh design ideas from top Italian designers. Our designers keep pace with the latest trends while creating timeless designs that will never go out of fashion.

Highest Quality Cashmere:

We only use pure cashmere directly sourced from the world’s best provider of cashmere in Mongolia. The Mongolian goats shed this thin layer of cashmere in summer, which is then used to make cashmere apparel.

Handcrafted by experts artisans:

Our superfine quality scarves and beanies result from fusing the most ethical practices of growing cashmere with centuries-old cashmere handcrafting techniques. All of our pieces are handcrafted by Nepal’s exquisite craftsmanship.