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Pure and Stylish : Redefining Cashmere Fashion

Zita brings you the highest quality cashmere in its purest and finest form. The buttery soft, warm, and feather-light cashmere that every wardrobe deserves! We use the world’s most revered luxury cashmere, grown in Mongolia and handcrafted in Nepal. Designed by the top Italian designers, Zita makes the bellissimo fashion of Italy more accessible. Our ethically made timeless cashmere pieces aim to provide quality and make sustainable choices.

Zitamere - A Luxury for Life!

Cashmere is the softest and thinnest wool that in its purest form provides warmth like none other. However, not all cashmere gets fabricated equally. We source our cashmere directly from the breed of Capra Hircus goats.

We fondly call it Zitamere, the cashmere quality and styles that you can buy only at Zita. Indulge yourself in cashmere luxury or gift your loved ones a luxury for life.

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